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Rebuilding Your Life and Mental Health After Addiction

As you spend your time in a rehab centre, you gradually realize how complex addiction can be. You learn addiction is a severe disease and it is a complicated mixture of both mental and physical discomfort. While untangling addiction needs perseverance and time, everyone has different experiences with it.

No matter what type of addiction you are battling, your journey towards lasting recovery is all about dismantling the life you created around active addiction, cleaning the slate, and turning over a new leaf.

The following are tips shared by our addiction experts for rebuilding your life and mental health after addiction.

Take One Day At A Time

In most cases, people who are trying to rebuild their lives after spending time in rehab believe that they are suddenly ready to take charge of the new life and jump straight away into the new world. However, they often learn at the start itself that being 100% ready is still a distant dream.

You may feel recharged and revitalised and want to live life to its fullest, but we suggest you take it slow. The pace of your life may be different at the moment, and you might need some time to adjust. Remember — when it is about defeating substance addiction, slow and steady wins the race!

Forgive Yourself

Shame and guilt become a part of life for many people after undergoing addiction treatment. They often get lost in the maze of low self-esteem, failure, and fear. You are not alone if you are feeling the same.

However, you need to understand that such kind of negative thinking is only preventing you from moving forward at the required pace.

See, addiction is one of the most complex and difficult diseases in the world and you have already dealt with it. It alters your brain and rearranging it is not easy. You had a mental and physical connection with substances and breaking such dependency is hard.

Now that you are out of rehab, realize that you have bravely fought with it and are ready to take the next step. You should be really really proud of reaching this stage. And of course, you should forgive yourself and let the shame and guilt go. You need to do this as it gives you the peace and strength needed to rebuild your life.

Exercise Regularly

Remember the time when you were completely into your drug or alcohol? How often did you exercise to improve your health back then? Absolutely never!
But now the tables are turned and you are far away from the substance, you are sober and clean after a long time.

However, despite all this, are you really in good health? Not totally! People who exercise regularly after rehab experience a huge difference in terms of boosting their physical and mental health, feeling self-confident, improving energy levels, and overall sense of well-being.

For this reason, we recommend engaging yourself in any type of team sport, swimming, yoga, gymming, hiking, pilates, etc. It not only takes your mental and physical health to a whole new level but also introduces you to the people living healthy lives.

Set Realistic Goals & Accomplish Them

Setting your life goals and following them is one of the most important aspects of completing a rehab. It has the power to keep all the positive things moving. Now that you are on your way to a healthy life along with regular exercise, proper diet, and plenty of rest, things have already started falling in place.

Maintaining such a routine is vital as you haven’t yet set significant goals because of your addiction. Your future life is like a clean slate after rehab. So, you can decide what you want to accomplish in your life. Once you set your goals, make sure you carry them out.

Eat Healthily

When you were spending years abusing drugs or alcohol, you have not had a nutrition-rich diet throughout that span. This long-term neglect is now showing the signs of malnutrition that need your attention.

Therefore, you now have to reduce fat intake, cut down on junk food, sugar, and other unhealthy food from your diet. And, focus on eating fresh veggies, fruits, lean meats, and fish daily. Also, you have to drink a lot of water and minimise caffeine intake.
A comprehensive physical and mental health change takes time. But as you keep eating healthy food, your taste will alter, and eventually, you will start craving nutritious food.

Get Help Today

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, do not wait to contact an addiction helpline. Renowned rehabs will help you overcome your addiction and further assist you to rebuild your life and achieve long-lasting sobriety.

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