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Food for the soul: Walking

I have always loved walking. I am not able to really explain why, but the simple act of walking, of putting one foot in front of another and thus creating a movement of motion, has always made me feel good, giving me a sense of freedom. I remember that summer especially, when I decided to go for a week-long hike on the way to Santiago, in Spain. My bag was a little bit too heavy, and my feet were hurting me, but I felt like I was liberated.

For me, it has always been easier to talk while walking. On that trip, I was alone with a friend, and our adventure, our sharing of something only us could see, made communication much easier. My anxious mind started to soothe.

Walking along the seashore, and the mountain and the eucalyptus forests calmed me down. I was focused on my goal for each day; I had to reach that town or this village, and it was the biggest thing on my mind – maybe sharing a little bit of space with the food breaks! Every day, I could say that I had achieved something, I had accomplished the aim I had set for myself in the morning.

It may sound trivial, but it is actually quite important. Having something to be satisfied of – even proud of if I may say at the end of each day is crucial to boost your self-esteem and feel better about yourself. Personally, it makes me feel like I am worthy of something, that I can still accomplish things in my life. It’s all in the little things, as the saying goes.

Even if I am at home all day with nothing in particular to do, I now try to go out and take a little stroll. If anything, I have managed to get myself out of the house for a few minutes, to get dressed and make myself look acceptable for the outside world. This simple gesture makes me feel like my day was not completely wasted and keeps me from losing grip completely.

 Being outside, looking at life going by, the animals, the people, the sea, has some kind of magical relaxing effect. I stop thinking about how miserable I may feel, or how anxious I am. I start acknowledging the world can be pleasant. I close my eyes and I soak the sun in, or I feel the cold wind on my face, and somehow I feel rejuvenated.

Almost like a new beginning. 

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