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5 smartphone apps againist depression

As technology is now everywhere, means to fight your depression are also available on your phone. Here is a selection of 5 of the best apps developed to make you feel better.

Positive Activity Jackpot

Not so long ago, we were talking about the benefits of engaging in fun and positive activities in order to stop the vicious circle of depression. If what you need to start is a little help and inspiration, Positive Jackpot Activity is your cue ! This free app is based on pleasant event scheduling, and helps you finding activities near you, available at the time you are looking. No need to think and twisting your brain around, Positive jackpot Activity has it sorted for you.

Smiling Mind

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by stress and anxiety ? Smiling Mind is an innovative app specially designed to, well, make your mind smile again. Its originality lies in the fact that it primarily targets teenagers. It has been developped by psychologists with special training in adolescent therapy and is as such extremely reliable.

The app gives you a choice between several mindfulness meditation programmes arrranged by age groups, with a new session every day. You can keep track of how long you have meditated and complete a little self-check questionnaire after each session to track the progress made on your general mood and feelings. Perfect for the meditation beginners.

Mood coach

Now, this is an app I have recently started using. Mood Coach helps you motivate yourself by setting weekly goals and activities you have to complete. First, you start by selecting up to five categories (health, friendship, work, …). Each week, you will then choose a certain number of activities that you have to complete in each categories.

Each activity will earn you points depending on your own assessment of how enjoyable, difficult and important they are. Be honest and let the coach help you feel better ! You can also track the evolution of your daily mood and take a more comprehensive test every other week to let you know where you stand with depression and anxiety.

Secret of Happiness

This app takes you on a 30-day challenge to make you feel happy. Every day in the morning, the app will ask you to focus on one thing that makes you happy. It can be things you are thankful for, or something you enjoy doing. At night,before you go to sleep, the app will ask you again, and you will have to answer with something that made you happy during the day. After 30days, your brain will be trained to be more aware of the things that make you happy, bringing your general happiness up significantly. It’s in the little things…

Sleep Cycle

Being anxious, depressed, or both does not often leave of a lot of space for some good quality sleep. You may find yourself either sleeping too much or too little, always being tired. Sleep Cycle is an app that analyzes the sleep through your movements during the night and wakes you up at the most optimal time during your sleep cycle (i.e. not when you are in the middle of a deep sleep !.  The alarm is set on a 30-minute window and can be preset if you need to be up for work or school at a certain hour.

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