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Depression: Stop Dwelling On The Past—Seize The Day

Many of us living with mental health disorders not only look back over past episodes but sometimes find ourselves encased there as if our feet were stuck in concrete and unable to move.  What has happened in our lives has happened.  And since you can’t undo it no matter how hard you try, it’s time to bring out a jackhammer and break out your feet from the concrete that’s been encasing them.

Today’s a new day filled with opportunities of the present if you open your mind, heart, and soul to them. Let this thought seep into you; take a deep breath and linger there for a moment; feel the present—it’s a new day.

So what would you like today to include–how about a walk to start your day and to clear your mind? Getting outside on a fall morning brings the changing season (if you live on the where you experience these changes) with all its majesty of colors and crisp air.

Not up for a walk– why not read something inspiring? Pick up a book you have had for years that shares either inspiring stories or quotes.  Oh, you don’t have a book—what about getting on a computer (at home or in the library) to search for stories or quotes.

Not up for reading–why not listen to music that you enjoy?  Music lifts your spirits and provides a life-source of energy.  You might even spend a few minutes dancing by yourself as your spirits lift and you begin to embrace today.  This new day awaits you–and so do new opportunities if you allow them in! 

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