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Severe Depression

When you experience severe depression, one of the hardest things is to actually do something with your days. However, indulging into one of your passions, or picking up a new activity can be a great way to make it back on the path of happiness and well-being.

We all know what it is like to lay in bed all day, or to be stuck to that couch, staring at the walls or the television on good days, and not being able to move. We feel like starting to do something is nearly impossible, that getting up and start moving is like climbing the Everest. What we might not know is that indulging in an activity can be useful and joyful way to stop the flow of negative thoughts and an be of great help to get back on our feet.

The most difficult step to take is of course to get started. When we have gotten used to staying in all day, one good thing to start which is to make a physical move. It doesn’t have to be a very big one at first, and if you don’t feel like spending time with other people, it is perfectly okay to do it by yourself. Reconnect with nature and the outside, by first taking a walk around your block or your neighborhood or take a small hike if you are lucky enough to have a forest or a park near your home. If going out looks like too big a thing to begin with, turn up the music and dance to the rhythm in the comfort of your living room! 

This first step will be crucial to help you start clearing your head,as well as to get back to a positive and « in movement »state of mind. It is also proven that physical activity, whatever it may be, contributes to reducing stress and anxiety. Your mind will then be clearer and readier to move on to the next step positively : start making lists ! This can sound very basic, but it is a very important point that can help identifying the things you are interested in. Don’t restrain yourself and just write down everything passing through your mind. Talk about your dreams and give as many details as possible. Once you see everything written down, it will look more realistic and it will be easier to give it a kickstart.

Finally, do not forget to boost your creativity. No need to be a great artist to achieve that, all is needed is for you to find an activity that will require your thoughts to be focused on that thing. It can be a colouring book, some writing, or the crafting of something with your hands. Plus, you will be proud of yourself once the task is completed !

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